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Litigation and Debt Recovery

Commercial Litigation

Credit control and debt recovery are very important parts of any business. This firm has always been very strong in litigation matters. The firm’s founder, Max Engel, laid the foundation for this and instilled the ethic of striving to obtain the best result for the client. When it comes to a contest we really are “on your side.”

The department deals with a wide variety of commercial litigation, handling all forms of dispute resolution (including adjudication, mediation and arbitration) and progressing cases through the county and high court.

We take a realistic and pragmatic approach (despite the fact that all our clients are always in the right!). If we do not think you will be successful we will be upfront and help to see if there are other ways to mitigate the damage. We always guide you towards ensuring that your case is brought and defended on solid grounds, not because you want to make a point of principle.

We are very conscious of the cost of litigation, not only in legal fees but also in management time and stress and we will do what we can to minimise them. Once we start to act for you we will support you and pursue your cause vigorously.

Debt Recovery

Our litigation department provides a cost effective service to enable clients to recover money due to them. Our service is tailored to the needs of the client, and we can assist with all steps from the issue of proceedings through to judgment and enforcement if necessary. We believe that tenacity and targeted use of court procedures achieve better results than just blind aggression.

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