Our ethos is and always has been to provide a traditional and personal approach to the delivery of legal services. We are proud to maintain that in the face of the modern world of volumised and factory style delivery where technology replaces the human approach, and the computer often says “no” to sympathetic guidance and support during the often difficult matters which our clients are facing while using our services.

Despite this however we do recognise that technology can play an important part in effective and streamlined service so we do seek to use it where possible to keep costs to a minimum and help our clients stay in contact with the firm even where they don’t have an immediate need for our assistance.

To that end we are pleased to announce that today Max Engel & Co LLP have launched into our first “social media” outing, with our new Facebook page here. We hope that all our clients; past present and future, will take the opportunity to keep up to date with us and share your experiences of using the firm, or even just say hello.